Empowering Young Girls to Be Young Women

Ann Brown Housing Project

The Ann Brown Housing Project is a stability driven program to help at risk young women gain financial literacy and grant funding for housing resources, needs and emergency shelter. Ages 18-25

In the year 2019 a huge 30% of young woman fell victim to life circumstances, such as domestic violence, death of a parent, sexual crimes, foster care, mismanaging finances or other cases. With the many influences in today’s society it is very important we lead by positive example and consistent leadership. Always practicing the habits we wish to see in our youth generation, our overall culture and generations to come.


Patricia Ann Brown was a woman who was loving, strong and a leader. She helped many people with shelter, food, grooming & hygiene, transportation to work and the list continues. Her heart was always open to those who needed extra love and support. Patricia passed away tragically to a car accident September 1997, which shattered the lives of many people including her closest loved ones. Being that life always takes course, we must find ways to cope forgive and move forward. “The pain behind the purpose makes it all worth it.” Authored by her daughter, A’sha Scott. Launching May 2020.


Grief happens to be one of the top leading causes of depression. It leads many people down paths where they feel like they’re less than everyone around them and makes it hard to get through life. Divas Build Futures, will be a part of that change we wish to see in our youth. Creating levels of support systems and constant stability for us to become a great nation. This is … GODS PLAN.