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DBF classes and events are geared towards the empowerment and motivation of youth girls to young women, ages 10-25. We strive to support the growth of young ladies into successful leaders in the community by equipping them with the essentials tools needed to succeed.


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Confidence & Self-esteem

“Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class” 

“Confidence begins with self love and grows from there.”

  • Forgiveness exercises (when to let go or deal with damaging issues)
  • How to start conversations with peers . How to respect authority
  • Make me over self-esteem days (Makeovers, spa days,  etc.)
  • Build connection cards
  • “I am” Boards
  • One on One role playing
  • Poise & Posture Etiquette class
  • Hygiene mentoring
  • How & when to apply makeup (Professional Makeup artist)
  • What’s the appropriate way to publicly date (Body Language)
  • And More!

Living Affordably & Mentoring

  • Completing housing applications (Partnered with Housing Advocate)
  • How to live comfortably/affordably (Budgeting exercises)
  • Learning your needs from your wants
  • How to protect yourself living as a young woman

Personal Etiquette

DBF believes with our whole heart and by experience, a young lady should always practice walking gracefully with poise & confidence. Sometimes on a everyday routine, it is difficult to remember the most common etiquette essentials. Our focus is always on building strong and stable lives and promising futures. We’ve developed activities and various workshops where they can be themselves and work on their strengths and goals comfortably.


Personal & Spiritual Growth

“I have a past, but I don’t have to live there anymore.”


A young lady’s life journey has  many challenging components. Finding love in all the wrong places becomes comfort when one is not taught to love God 1st. 


We at DBF believe your spiritual walk has to start with internal healing and reflection. And to learn how to love/respect yourself. A pep talk, lunch reminder to always adjust their crowns and fulfil their day as queens!


Dinner & Dining Etiquette

The quality of a young lady knowing the importance of strong dining skills is very important. and it should come as no surprise that dining, unless done well, could be disastrous to your reputation. It is for this reason that second interviews are often conducted over a meal. How you conduct yourself at the table, under pressure with a mouthful of food, can either positively or negatively influence a business decision, personal reference, or life decision.


Dating 101 for Young Girls

  • What is appropriate to say and do in public
  • Dinner Date Etiquette
    • How to eat and what to order
  • Understanding Safe Sex & Abstinence
  • Unplanned Pregnancy (Social and support groups for teen mothers)
  • “It’s my body” WORKSHOP (Includes a Self Defense class)
  • Mommy & Me Activities
  • Living Advocacy
  • Safe Communication
  • Financial assistance with personal/baby needs (When funds are available)
  • I am called M.A.M.I (Made Angels 2 Marvelously Influence)
  • Teen Mom Program
  • Teen Mom Mentoring

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is significant from the point of view of building rapport and a solid foundation within the business community. Good manners foster positive relationships and as people work with you they appreciate politeness and are more willing to enhance the relationships. Business etiquette is also about smooth communication skills – even if a young lady does not understand or too fluent in a particular language, communication will remain effective given the respect and trust between people. As a young lady she should always believe in and practices business etiquette. Practicing actively listening , provide constructive feedback, pay attention when someone speaks to them, is more likely to smile and make eye contact, speak clearly and avoid any language or words that could be misunderstood and display other such proper behaviours.


Social & Public Speaking

Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. We always support our young ladies along the way and always have fun while they express themselves and be the best they can be!



Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is an amazing blessing to an entrepreneur, but not everyone can find one in person. If you haven’t yet found your personal business mentor, we have personalized tips for young or aspiring entrepreneurs to help get you started.


A young entrepreneur is someone who fails. However does not give up. She is stubborn, resilient and driven. There are many young women who has talents and may not know that they can be transformed in a business.  younger than you are now, that succeeded, but that shouldn’t make you feel like a failure. It should serve as motivation.


We constantly hear about all these young entrepreneurs that succeeded, but we don’t hear about that much bigger number that failed many times. Some of them eventually succeed, some of them never will. Those who have succeeded have done so because they learned from their experiences, they learned from all those failed attempts. Embrace failures because you learn from them.


Finance & Budgeting

  • How to apply correctly for the proper credit cards
  • How to manage and protect your credit
  • Activity will be constructing a Business Plan, Vision Boards;  Interviewing  and Etiquette courses
  • Resume Building/Activity (Building and rebuilding resume for employment)
  • Interview Dress Etiquette
  • How to apply for employment (The dos and don’ts of an interview)
  • Exercises: “What do I REALLY wanna be when I grow up?

The College Experience

  • Workshop: Intro to College
  • Assistance with filling out applications
  • College Tours
  • Intro to Campus Life
  • Understanding Sorority & Fraternities
  • Help prep for financial aid
  • The importance of keeping your dorm, space, apartment, and body clean

Session Age Breakdowns

  • 10-13 Young DIVAs
  • 14-16 Virtuous DIVAS
  • 17 & 18 Prime DIVAs
  • 19-21 Thriving DIVAs
  • 22-25 Ambitious DIVAs

Membership Fees

Thank you for your interest on becoming a D.I.V.A and joining our program. We are pleased to serve you in any way we can. In order for us to best assist you on becoming a productive young woman, please answer all questions thoroughly and honest. Please allow us 24-48 hours to process your application.

In emergency cases, Please call (214) 223 0633 and leave a message. Someone from our crises team will get back with you as soon as possible. In case of an emergency, Please contact 911.

We believe no one should be turned away when searching for help and assistance. DBF is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.

We wave membership and or associated fees for those who are having financial battles. We also curve fees on a sliding scale based on income.
(Proof will be required)

Payment arrangements are also available.

Membership Fees are: (Annually)
All workshop materials included
Membership T-shit Included
8 week D.I.V.A. Boot camp/Workshop (Sessions are year round. Must register online)
12 young ladies per session

$50.00 For General Membership
$100.00 For Gold Membership

To enroll in individual classes:

$25.00 Per session without membership.
Each session will require registration at least one week prior to class.

*Field Trips & Outings Varies. (Registration is required)

Individual Life Coaching/Private Coaching $35
(1 session per week included in membership)
Each session is 60 mins

Private Life Coach/ Mentor (Included with membership only )

We provide grants for our program if qualify. If you are interested in more information regarding our membership policy please email: info@divasbuildfutures.com Subject: Membership Grants/Financial Assistance

Included in Registration:

  • Diva Dollars (Access to DIVA’S Kloset Boutique)
  • DBF Curriculum
  • DBF Journal
  • Female Personal Devotional Hand Book  (The Invitation)
  • DBF Membership Tshirt
  • Food & Refreshments
  • Outings /Field Trips Per Sessions
  • 6 week lessons 2x weekly 1hour 30min
  • Guest Speakers
  • Business Headshot for portfolio
  • Ladies must be able to complete entire 6 week session. Only missing 2 excused sessions. 


Social Female Groups of all ages.

Invested in the cares & concerns of one another.

Safe communication when the struggle gets tough.

Together in joy, laughter and tears.

Ever-growing and supporting one another’s dreams.


Holds one another accountable.

Open hearted with others feelings and emotions.


Dedicated and defends each other for the greater good of all…



The Beginning!!