DBF is geared towards the empowerment and motivation of young girls to young women.  Ages 10-25. Creating safe & beneficial platforms for young girls stemming  from all walks of life, to have productive ways on succeeding in every aspect of their career. Walking them step by step on their growth and development helping them to understand their journey to have positive & permanent outcomes.

Using creative & sustainable workshops that are relatable for young girls growing into young women. Keeping them engaged, motivated, and encouraged in: Education, Health & Wellness, Self-Defense, Self-Esteem, Self-Image, Performing Arts, Home & Lifestyle, Finances, Entrepreneurship and more! Building our community up by creating more jobs and upstanding citizens. Showing them the importance of budgeting and building character. Bettering our community one Determined, Intelligent Virtuous Ambitious Girl at a time! 

Our Sisterhood Creed

Social Female Groups of all ages
Invested in the cares & concerns of one another
Safe communication when the struggle gets tough
Together in joy, laughter and tears
Ever-growing and supporting one another's dreams
Holds one another accountable
Open hearted with others feelings and emotions
Dedicated and defends each other for the greater good of all...


DBF Color Code:

Black: The start. The beginning of change & humidity.

Grey: The Process. Peeling back the layers of self-esteem, forgiveness, ​ self-love and the reconstruction of my inner self.  

Purple: The complete. Combing stability, positive energy, power with self control, noble in character. Holds my standards high with dignity and my walk is of royalty. 

"Change starts with what is in YOU"